Furniture Design and Architecture
• Our company welcomes you with a dynamic and experienced team, and with a fresh and young spirit from the designers and planners.
• We offer a wide range of furniture in bold colors and new finishes, in infinite shades, for all ages and all tastes, with unique and custom designs.
• We offer a full-service package: measurements and design (furniture, cladding, stairs, flooring, indoor and outdoor frames).

Assembly and transport
We provide free installation and shipping in Bucharest and Ilfov. For other locations, you can ask for an offer in our store, or by email or phone at the addresses and phone numbers presented on the site.

As wood is a living material and as we always want to be sure that we can provide the best possible services, please take into consideration the following Minimum Conditions for Assembly and Warranty:
• cement screed cast for least 21 days for flooring installation, doors;
• washable paint for at least 10 days;
• ceramic tiles puttied for least three days.

For new constructions, requiring new plaster, the rooms must be heated and ventilated through the winter and maintained at a constant temperature of 20 Celsius degrees for at least 21 days.

• Maintenance - doors adjustments
• Finish correction (scratches, impacts, etc)

If you want to relocate, and you want to keep and move the furniture you bought from us, we can offer assistance for dismantling + retouch + reassembly if needed (but only for our products).

We provide consulting services so that you can choose the best suppliers for:
• Appliances • Fabrics • Wrought Iron • Plumbing • Hardware • Rugs • Mattresses •

For custom-made furniture order
To avoid the increasing the cost of design, please take into the consideration the following minimal measures:
• Leveling screed cast;
• Walls prepared for washable painting, including door openings;
• Straighten walls;
• Corners rightened;
• Sandstone / tiles mounted;
• Water Pipes installed;
• Radiators installed;
• Power lines installed permanently.

Working procedure
• Initial offer;
• Price acceptance;
• Agreement on design details. Project creation. Project payment;
• If the project is accepted and the furniture will be produced in our factory, the project price will be deducted from the total cost of the furniture;
• Final project;
• Acceptance and final confirmation of the project by paying 50% advance;
• Duration of execution: 45 working days. Depending on the production program of the factory, the duration of execution may be extended up to 60 working days;
• Furniture delivery and installation